Interfacing CAD to MoldflowMPA and partner companies have a wide CAD interfacing capability and are able to communicate via most popular CAD software packages and interface standards.

A Moldflow simulation is generally based on a triangular finite element mesh. The mesh is created over a CAD representation of the product and forms a geometric mathematical description of the part. A wide range of CAD interfaces enable MPA to import a CAD solid model and create a uniform FEA mesh over the entire surface of the product. 

MPA are able to supply other Moldflow users with a high quality accurate mesh ready to run, and usually in a matter of day's. Contact us for more information on outsourcing your meshing requirements.

MPA have extensive experience with all Moldflow mesh types including: 

Fusion MeshFusion- Dual Domain - Ideal for basic filling analysis. 

Initial results delivered very quickly. Works well on parts with uniform wall thickness. 

Mid-Plane MeshMidplane- More complex model conversion from CAD than either 3D or Fusion mesh, but very detailed results and extensive capability. Our favorite for complex filling cooling & warpage analysis jobs including fiber orientation. 

3D Tetrahedral Mesh3D Mesh- Based on a Tetrahedral mesh for true 3D simulation through the part thickness. Ideal for analysing parts with a wide variation in thickness. The simulation shows results through the entire part thickness, predicts jetting and is excellent for Gas Injection simulation. 

CAD Interface Capability:

MPA employ Moldflow Design Link ( MDL ) for direct interface from CAD formats including: STEP, IGES, STL and PARASOLIDS. Other programs such as Altair Hypermesh expand our capability for producing complex mesh geometries from almost any CAD format.

Pro/Engineer V18 V19 V.20 2000i ......2000i2, 2001, WF1,WF2(.prt) 

Unigraphics V14/V15/V16 File V17/V18/V19/NX1/NX2/ NX3(.prt) 

STEP AP203/204 File (.stp) 

Parasolid File V10/V9.1 V11\12\13\14\15 (.x_b) (.x_t) Cadkey (.prt, .cdk) Solid edge (.par) Inventor (.ipt) 

SolidWorks 98/98/99/2000/1/2/3/4/5/6 File (.prt). 

ACIS File (.sat) 

SDRC Ideas V6 and V7/8/9/NX10 

Catia file V4, V5, V5R16 (*.CATPart, *.model, *.asm, *.CATProduct) 

FEA Interface Capability:

Patran, *.pat 

Nastran, *.nas and *.bdf 

Ansys Prep 7,  *.ans 

Ideas Univeral File *.unv 

C-Mold *.CMF files


Sample Projects

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    Large Medical Device - single cavity - hot runner

  • testimonial-client1


    Connector - 24 cavity - hot runner

  • Automotive - 2 cavity - hot runner