Benefits of Mouldflow

  • Design and analyze virtually all types of hot and cold sprues and runner systems
  • Obtain optimally sized runners to balance flow in multi-cavity and family molds
  • Determine the best gate locations and the optimum number of gates
  • Predict estimated cycle time, clamp tonnage and shot volume
  • Assess the manufacturing feasibility of the mold design layout
  • Identify the most suitable plastics material candidate
  • Identify and eliminate cosmetic issues such as sink marks, weld lines and air traps
  • Obtain practical, results-specific advice on improving the part and mold design
  • Visualize the orientation of the plastic to aid in maximizing part strength, especially in the vicinity of weld lines
  • View distributions of pressure, flow-front temperature and polymer orientation and predict weld-line and air-trap
  • Locate and Identify areas of high, non-uniform volumetric shrinkage, which could contribute to part warpage
  • View the distribution of cooling time to identify areas that dictate cycle time.
  • Display the deflected shape of the part to visualize part shrinkage and warpage
  • Design, create and evaluate cooling circuits to achieve uniform cooling and minimize cycle time