Temple Mould Services has offices in Ireland, Hungary, Czech Rep (EISC s.r.o,) and in China. Utilising our strong engineering know-how we want to give companies a reliable and responsible service, emphasising both cost-effectiveness and quality.

We hope to take some of the stresses from your project engineers and technical engineers and give them quality results. Be it in our consumable range of products or if they are purchasing a large injection mould. We also want to help companies ensure their quality by offering a range of other services including Mould Flow Analysis and a project review analysis.

Founded by John Temple who has over 30 years experiences in the industry, Temple Mould Services has a strong background supporting the plastics industry, be it in the medical, automotive or general engineering sector. 

Our range of consumable products is available from our catelogue or on-line shop, or one of our sales people can call to explain all in more detail. If you are interested in an injection mould - please forward your part 3D to us, with information on the material type, the amount of cavitation you require and detail on hot runner or cold runner etc. We will get back to you with our best price usually within 48 hours. 

All moulds are supported in Europe and our usual lead time from mould design agreement to first samples is under 35 days. The customer can attend trials in Europe or in China, depending on location of manufacture or customer preference.