Temple Mould Services provide quality moulds to the Automotive, Medical, Electronic and other industries.

With manufacturing support in Europe and Asia we can provide a cost effective and quality solution. Communication is in your local language (Hungarian / English / Czech) and we proviide full project management detail throughout the mould build.

We do a full DFM before we begin and we work closely with your engineers to ensure the product is optimized for use and for manufacture. We can also a full Mouldflow analysis. Prototypes are also available, 3D print, machined, proto tooling etc. We have built prototype tooling in 10 days and supplied samples within 14 days (depending on complexity etc.).


Our Technology

We can carry out all types of machining in Europe or Asia -

including EDM, CNC Machining, Laser welding, High speed machining etc. 

We can handle most types of 3D file formats, and carry out MouldFlow analysis on your parts. 

We can provide moulds with Cpks of up to 1.66 and with optimized cycle time.

If required we can set the mould up on your machine, and carry out full testing (FAT, SAT etc.).